Why do we eat?

Because we’re hungry! But is that the only reason?

The primary reason really is to nourish the body. Our hunger sensation is our body telling us it is time for food. This, then, is the only time we really need to eat – when we’re hungry. But, of course, we sometimes eat because it’s a habit, we’re frustrated, bored, or lonely, or because family patterns or schedules dictate we eat at certain times. Perhaps you’re in school and it’s noon time, time to eat, whether your hungry or not. The only time we really need to eat is when our body is telling us it needs food, or when we’re hungry.

The stomach needs some time, and some room, for proper digestion. If food hasn’t had enough time to digest, or if there isn’t room for more food,  there is a feeling of heaviness and discomfort.

It seems so simple, to only eat when we’re hungry. Unfortunately, we don’t always listen to the good voices inside telling us we’ve had enough food.

Let’s pay attention to what our body is telling us this week and try to only eat when we’re hungry, OK?  That goes for the Chef, too!!