The Littlest Christmas Kitten

What Others Are Saying

School Library Journal says: “A mother cat hunts all over a barn for her smallest kitten and finally finds it asleep in a manger just as two people enter. Before the night is over, the manger cradles a certain special infant, and cats have been telling this tale to their descendants ever since. Short explanations of such symbols as mangers and candy canes are given at the end of the book. The illustrations, which look to be woodcuts, are in an appealing primitive style, and the text is simple and unadorned.”

Midwest Book Review says: The Littlest Christmas Kitten is a very special picture book retelling the Nativity story where youngsters ages 3 through 7 can feel the restless anticipation of the animals and the worried concerns of mother cat for her little lost kitten. The lost is found in the midst of a miracle on a special night when Jesus is born and the first Christmas occurs. Kelly Dupre’s superb artwork wonderfully enhanced Leona Novy Jackson’s original and entertaining story about the love and care mothers have for their little ones – and the birth of the Baby Jesus. Enhanced for young readers with a short word list about Christmas, The Littlest Christmas Kitten is wholeheartedly recommended for parents wanting something seasonal to read to their children, and for any community library’s Christmas picture book collection!”

“This is the legend mother and father cats share with their kittens. You will love this story of Christmas.” — Dan Poynter, author, The Older Cat

“The best children’s stories use simple words to create wonder. The Littlest Christmas Kitten, beautifully illustrated, is more than a children’s story. It is a story of how the lost is found, in the midst of a miracle on a special night.” — Lucinda Gress Jones, First grade teacher

“This heartwarming book, perfectly blends the story of the birth of Jesus Christ with the story of a mother cat looking for her little lost kitten. The outstanding woodcut illustrations add warmth and humor to this magical tale, as well as a primitive, child-like quality. Jackson’s story will delight readers of all ages. The “Christmas Symbols” section at the end is a nice addition to the book, giving explanations and symbolic meanings, as well as the history of an object. The Humane Society will like cautionary advice about the life-long commitment to owning a cat. One word describes this book: ‘precious’.” —Amy Houts, author of five Dora the Explorer books

“I loved the refreshing unique telling of the Christmas story through the eyes of a mother cat. It is definitely a must read for caregivers and parents of young children.” — Shari Barr, author of Christian children’s literature

Mayra Valcani of TCM Reviews says: “This book is a sweet and special addition to anyone’s Christmas book collection, and especially for those who enjoy reading to young ones – or who love cats!…a great read-aloud book or one you will find your little one paging through on his or her own just for the fun of it. If you like to invest in quality books, this is a must for the Christmas collection!”

Children’s “This title will make a wonderful read aloud and the large illustrations will make it easy to share with a group as well as one-on-one lap reading sessions. This is a lovely and loving addition to the body of Christmas literature.”

“As a book lover who is also extremely fond of kittens and cats, I was delighted to read this story. The thoughtful text about a treasured story will be popular with young readers, and for this older reader, it was a heart-warming experience.” — Diane Houston, library Director

“The gentle, loving story for our very youngest children touches on themes dear to their hearts: the love and care by Mothers for their little ones and the birth of Baby Jesus. Told in simple, direct prose, our babies will memorize it quickly and look for evidence of a safe return of the baby kitten as they look for and point to characters as each small event takes place.” — Norma Bagnall, author, The New Madrid Earthquake of 1811-12 and Children’s Literature: Passage to the Sea

“A unique approach to recognizing Christ’s humble birth place. Good use of speech figures, especially onomatopoeia. The use of simple language is enhanced by the abstract and involving illustrations. Good use of contrast in a small insignificant kitten warming the hay in the humble manger that was to become the crib for the Savior of the World.” — Bob Bohlken, Ph.D., author, How the Rabbit Became the Easter Bunny and Grandpa Listens as Bobby Grows Up

“Cat lovers will delight in this tale of kittens in the stable on that holiest of nights.” — Veda Boyd Jones, author of Callie’s Mountain and Sisters in Time

“This lovely book will appeal to children because of the simplicity and charm of the story, and its unique illustrations. There is just enough suspense to make the children eager to know what comes next, and to rejoice in its happy ending.” — Betty Farber, President, Preschool Publications, Inc.

“The Littlest Christmas Kitten is a heart warming family Christmas story with adorable illustrations. It is sure to become a favorite family Christmas story to be cherished for generations to come.” — Marty Poynter, St. Francis Hospital Kids Korner director

The Littlest Christmas Kitten is an absolutely charming children’s story. It’s a perfect addition to your holiday bedtime reading list!” — Matthew Paul Turner, Author of The Christian Culture Survival Guide, Coffeehouse Gospel, and Provocative Faith

“In The Littlest Christmas Kitten, a mother cat searches for her lost kitten in the stable just before the arrival of Mary and Joseph. The vivid imaginary comes alive not only in the beautiful illustrations, but also in the words. The reader will feel “a rush of air” and the restlessness of the animals. Along with the animals, the reader will begin to feel expectant. Sounds come alive as the sheep baa and the donkeys bray, and then…the singing of angels. The hay that is a bed for a kitten is also soft enough for Baby Jesus. The purring of a cat soothes the soul. The charming illustrations draw the reader into the story. The simple lines create a wonderful visual that will be adored by young and old. Readers will appreciate the explanations of the Christmas symbols in the back. The Littlest Christmas Kitten will delight readers of all ages”!  — Kay Walsh, writer of Christian studies and instructor, Life Span Human Development

“A new and refreshing approach to the Christmas story. It has a strong, smooth plot, is entertaining, yet teaches a beautiful lesson. The illustrations by Dupre enhance and enrich the story. Truly a gem for children”! — Leland C. May, emeritus Professor of Children Literature and author, Meditations for College Students

“I fell in love with this book at first glimpse of the front cover —those cats are so endearing and seem to be gathering their kittens close. Young children are naturally drawn to baby kittens and will be eager to follow the cat’s escapades in the stable. At the same time, they are learning about Christ’s birth. As a mother cares deeply for her kittens, so does Christ care for us. I love the way the story ends with its historical connections. It flows naturally into the helpful descriptions of Christmas symbols found following the text. The words are calm and repetitious and the illustrations are charming. I consider this to be a classic Christmas story not to be missed!” — Deborah R. Clark, Preschool teacher and Early Childhood Education Mentor

“This is a wonderful presentation of the Christmas story in a slightly different format. Each page has delightful illustrations, using bold line and colour. The story is easy to read and would be of interest even to young, young children. Cat Lovers will find the charming kitten and cat characters and their situation truly heart-warming. The storyline which places the kitten in the manger where Baby Jesus lay, is totally relevant and believable. A short word list found at the back of the book is a real bonus. What a wonderful teaching and learning tool! Various entries explain key words. The entry “Christmas Cats” not only explains what they are and their relationship to the special time of year, it also gives a valuable explanation of why kittens should NOT be given to anyone as a Christmas gift. It is the perfect ending to a very nice book. The author is to be commended for connecting responsible pet ownership with one of the most well known stories of all time. This is certainly aimed at the right readership! All in all, what a great little book! This will make a valuable addition to any Christmas story collection, private and public. Every library should have a copy! —  EC Risberg, Eastern Canada Regional Director, American Cat Fanciers’ Association

“Thank you for providing me an advanced copy of The Littlest Christmas Kitten. It is a warm, interesting story that I’m sure families will enjoy sharing every holiday season.” — Brad Lager, District 4 Representative, Missouri House of Representatives