What Is “Natural Food”?

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Is what you eat really “food”? If you eat it, does that make it “natural food”?

A diet high in “natural food” or “real food” and low in food products (or those heavily processed foods) is a much healthier choice. But how can you tell the difference?

One way to generally tell whether the food you eat is considered “natural food”, or “real food”, is to check on the following:

  • Is the food grown and does it have a close connection to the land? (Considered the best is if the food is grown locally).
  • Does the food go bad quickly? (Does it spoil easily)?
  • Does the quality of the food vary? (Some may be more ripe, more colorful, or shaped differently).
  • Does it require any preparation before you eat it? (Do you have to cook it? Peel it? Change it’s form?)
  • Are the colors bright and rich?

Many food products have questionable health benefits. These types of “foods” are the ones that:

  • Keep forever
  • Are artifically flavored
  • Are artifically colored
  • Form never varies
  • Are heavily processed
  • Contain hydrogenated fats
  • Contain high fructose corn syrup
  • Are not grown but are manufactured

It is best to read labels and choose real food for you and your family.

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