What Influences Your Food Choices?

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What has the most influence on your food choices and/or the food you prepare for your family? Do your food choices depend on how much money you have to spend on food?  Are they about how close you live to supermarkets? Does it have anything to do with how close you are to fast food restaurants?

There has been a correlation made between not having a close-by grocery store where one can purchase healthy food and the population’s weight gain. It was believed that people who didn’t have a grocery store in their area tended to eat fast food more frequently and therefore tended to not eat healthfully and were more prone to gain weight. Take a look here at what researchers are finding out:  http://lat.ms/qQunb8.

Decisions about what food to eat, when, and where helps determine our quality of life. These decisions are not to be made lightly.

To your healthy and that of your family,

Lee Jackson, CFCS
Food and Nutrition Advocate

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