The Littlest Christmas Kitten

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On the holiest of holy nights long, long ago, the animals in the stable were restless. They were moving about nervously, unable to go to sleep.
The sheep were baa-ing, the cow was mooing, and the donkeys were braying. There was a feeling of great expectation in the air.

Just then the door to the stable opened slowly and two figures entered the place where the animals were staying. A rush of air swept through the shelter.

The man quietly closed the door and looked around in the dim light for a resting place for his wife.

Mother cat was startled by these visitors and quickly jumped into a manger.

There, nestled in the hay, she found what she had been looking for — her little lost kitten.

She had to move quickly as the figures were coming toward the manger.

Mother cat swiftly pulled the little kitten to her and scampered away as fast as she could go.

Before the night was over there was the crying of a baby.