Special Gift for Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother will probably like any gift you give her. She might even shower you with good words and, perish the thought — kisses!

Since we’re in the “cooking” mode around here, what kind of new kitchen tool or utensil would Mom need or want? Does she have a spatula (these seem to wear out quickly)? A wooden spoon? Pancake turner? Ladle? Tong?

Other kitchen tool suggestions are:

measuring spoons, kitchen scissors, vegetable parer (for paring potatoes and other vegetables), pastry brush, wire strainer, spoon with slots or holes (for scooping foods out of a liquid), and cookie cutters, among others.

If you decide on any of these and, after you buy one or more of them, you can tie a ribbon around the handle and wrap in tissue paper. Then place in one of the colorful gift bags you perhaps have saved from other gifts.  These are generally too nice to just throw away!

There you have a very neat, and practical gift ready to give to that special someone who is celebrating her special day. Deliver with a hug!