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What are some of your happiest childhood food/kitchen memories?

Do you remember when your Mother gave you some dough to roll into biscuits? Or the time you baked a pie all by yourself?

Or, can you relate to the ways any of these children had fun and lasting memories from working in the kitchen:

Twelve year old Jessica said she loves to cook and was proud of her efforts in making  the cookies that appeared on the front cover of a magazine. She says, “My Mom and I love to read and experiment with recipes”. She thanked the magazine for the opportunity to work so closely with her Mom and sister in the kitchen.

That was a statement that warmed my heart, and I’m sure it did the same for the magazine.

Here is another warm fuzzy about working in the kitchen: Mom and 2 year old daughter are recalling the day and what makes them smile. The 2 year old says her favorite moment of the day was helping her mother make salads for dinner.

A 5 year old says playing on the jungle gym at his new school makes him smile. While Mom says “sharing a bowl of raisin bran with my daughter makes me smile.”

These are some of the ways of cultivating gratitude together and appreciating life as it is today. Sometimes we just have to celebrate what’s right with the world.

Enjoy YOUR world,

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