Make A Difference Day is October 23

This will be a day of helping others and doing good deeds. Projects for helping people will be organized and recognition given for their work.

A special day for this is important but we know that doing good for others and making a difference is an ongoing effort.

The Mukies have been making a difference for many years. These children‘s fictional creatures in a character building book show kids how to live in peace and harmony with each other. They make a difference by the way they treat others.

Robert Bohlken, Ph.D., the author of the book, Listening to the Mukies and Their Character Building Adventures, is a communication specialist with a special interest in listening and how it impacts problem-solving. This book encourages adults and children to share thoughts, ideas and feelings and helps create mutual understanding.

In these lessons about relationships, the Mukies address topics such as prejudice, rights and responsibilities in a society, and peaceful co-existence. They reveal the value of sharing attitudes, ideas and feelings about important issues.

In families and communities, effective solutions to problems evolve through the problem-solving process. However, often personal characteristics influence the process, such as perceived power, prestige, intelligence, gender, and/or physical appearance. Through careful listening and open communication, mutual respect can be achieved.

This book has been highly recommended by parents and counselors in bringing out important ways of making a difference in personal lives as well as those of others. The books can be ordered through Amazon here or at our website here.

These books help children share a vision for a better world.

Lee Jackson, CFCS
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