Kids are Adding to Menu for Mother’s Day

It’s spring time and guess what kinds of fruit are readily available now? Can you find really fresh peaches in the stores now? No, not yet. Have you seen any “right off the tree” apples in the stores? No, those have been in controlled cold storage since last fall.

There is one bright red, juicy fruit that I think Mothers will enjoy. Yes! It’s strawberries! What can you do with strawberries? Well, there are lots of ways to prepare them, from shortcakes to pies to salads, and more. Though, let’s just wash them really well, keep the green stems on and put a few in a pretty glass dish. By “washing really well” I mean to place them in a pan and swish them around a little. Then gently lift them out, let them drip on a paper towel a little before placing in the dish.

Sometimes we just need to savor the freshness of a food. That’s what we’ll do with the strawberries this morning. As we bite into them we’ll know they have been kissed by the sun and that is a good thing.

Presentation of food is very important. How a food looks and is presented helps us form opinions about its taste and flavor. Let’s see how to make a tray for Mom look appetizing and interesting. What kind of a tray do you have? Can you coordinate it with the dishes? Do you have a pretty napkin you can add. Maybe even a flower, along with a card you have made?

Let’s see…you have the rolls made, the strawberries in their pretty dish, and now a beverage. Does Mother drink coffee, tea, or milk? Is it ready? Don’t forget a little plate and fork as the rolls are a little messy. Looks like you’re all set.

Tomorrow I have a suggestion for a little gift. See you then.