It’s OK to Snack

Snacking between meals is ok provided you snack on the right foods. Opening a bag of chips or cookies is so easy. Instead of these foods that are high in empty calories and saturated fat, try pretzels or plain popcorn. Instead of ice cream and candy, try some fresh fruit, yogurt, raisins, English muffins with spreadable fruit or real juice. Many persons like to keep little carrot sticks, celery, and other sliced vegetables in a special snack spot in the refrigerator. Snacking between meals actually helps to reduce the tendency to overeat at meals.

Now that school has started, or is about ready to start, have some good after-school snacking ideas. In the snacking portion of your refrigerator have foods ready to eat. Perhaps there are apples sliced, orange and melon slices, berries, and veggies such as celery cut up, maybe with peanut butter or cheese spreads all ready for you.

These are foods you can prepare yourself and have ready. Sometimes we have to think ahead and have in mind what foods to eat that are good for us. If we don’t have a plan we may come home from school, run to the kitchen and devour the whole bag of chips or cookies.