Holiday Gift Ideas for Cooks and Apple Lovers

Apples are big and beautiful and plentiful this harvest season. Will cooks know what to do with all those apples? Many don’t realize there are endless applications for using apples beyond the sauces, pies, and crisps. Prolong the apple experience through the holidays by giving an apple cookbook to help the cook use up his or her supply of this amazingly versatile fruit.

The idea for From the Apple Orchard – Recipes for Apple Lovers came to home economist, Lee Jackson, during her school foods classes. It seemed the students always ran out of ideas for preparing apples. Jackson spent her early years living the orchard life and was an avid recipe clipper and food experimenter so she was a ready resource of all things “apple”.

As this book shows, cooks and apple lovers on your Christmas list will welcome the well rounded collection of apple recipes. Not only are there over 25 different pie recipes, but there are also recipes for apple salads, breads, appetizers, beverages, main dishes, cookies, desserts, and preserves.  Some of the mouthwatering recipes include Hot Burgundy Apple Punch, Glazed Apples, Special Apple Waldorf Salad, Apple Turnovers, Chicken with Apple-Cranberry Sauce, Apple-Oatmeal Bars, Apple Pandowdy and Fruity Applesauce Cake with caramel frosting.  There are even a few ethnic dishes such as Apple Kolaches, Apple Chutney, and Old Fashioned Apple Strudel.

If you want to give a larger gift, add the apple cookbook to a basket made up of ingredients for one or more of the recipes. Or you can pack in some colorful apple motif towels and pot holders – even a special Bundt pan or other baking pan or utensil would make the happy recipient know you put loving thought into your gift.

From the Apple Orchard – Recipes for Apple Lovers can be purchased at for $14.95 plus $4.95 postage. Supplies are limited so order early.

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