Healthy to the Core

Finally, A Simple Way to Get Kids Eating Healthy.

Why you don’t have to be a super parent to finally get your kids to make healthy food choices.

If you are reading this, most likely you are a parent or teacher concerned about kids eating healthy. You want them to make healthy food choices…whether they are 2 or 20. Right?

But, there are big obstacles in their way…you know how kids eat – they like to eat the same foods as their friends. If their friends’ eating habits consist of downing a handful of cookies and a soda, then guess what? They won’t want to feel “weird” or “different” by eating a fruit or other healthy food.

In addition to peer pressure, kids are faced with a barrage of commercials for junk food and fast food. These ads have a way of tempting them into eating lots of sugars and carbs.

You might even have resigned yourself to just letting your kids eat what they want. But the good parent model nudges you into being concerned about the kind and amount of food they eat.

Well, what if you could change the picture and get your kids excited about eating healthy…choosing healthy foods whether at home or away. Perhaps even saying good-bye to extra sugars and junk food. And preparing foods they really enjoy eating.

What if that actually happened! What if your kids knew what was good for them and chose to eat the healthier foods every day?

If you know that food matters, and you want to help your kids eat healthy every day, then this is for you.

Hi, I’m Lee Jackson, a former family and consumer sciences foods teacher. Having worked with hundreds of school age children, I learned that most kids like to cook and all love to eat! Students were always excited when it was time to “get cooking”.

I’m going to show you how you can get your kids excited about working with food and eating healthy. We’ll do this with one of my favorite plant-based foods, apples. Having written two other apple cookbooks, now I want kids to have a cookbook specifically for them, highlighting healthy living while using one of their favorite foods.

In this my latest children’s cookbook: Healthy to the Core! All Natural Low Sugar/No Sugar Apple Recipes for Kids, I’ve captured the healthiest recipes and fun facts about this versatile fruit, apples. Kids will learn how to make delicious mouth watering nutritious smoothies, salads, breads, cookies, and yes, even apple pie, with little or no sugar. All that is needed is real fruit, ordinary ingredients in your kitchen, and children ready for adventures.

These recipes and healthy eating tips will get your kids eating healthy and enjoying the process. Helping them learn the importance of good nutrition at a young age is the first step in creating healthy habits for the future.

You don’t need to be a nutritionist or chef, because I’ve boiled down the very best of my healthy apple recipes and nutrition study into this easy to use, step by step cookbook kids and families will use and enjoy all year long.

Perfect Apple Tasting Discoveries and Apple Cooking Mastery

Here’s the step-by-step training perfect for turning out hundreds of mouth-watering dishes with less sugar than traditional recipes. Kids won’t even miss the extra sugar.

Encourage kids to cook and eat healthy. Before you know it, making healthier choices will be second nature.

And inside, I am going to teach your child how to make healthy foods, without loads of extra sugars, that would make even the most health conscious Mama proud!

Kids will “WOW” their friends and family with these tasty dishes.

Here’s What You’ll Discover…

  • Step-by-step directions on how to make delicious apple cakes, pies, cookies with no sugar or low sugar so that you create healthier desserts.
  • Not only desserts but over 100 other recipes are included so that you will see how good apples taste in smoothies, salads, snacks and other foods without all the sugars.
  • Each recipe lists tools & equipment needed for each recipe, so that you and your young cook will be well organized to start cooking.
  • Suggestions for apple varieties to use for different recipes are given so that you don’t need to guess what variety to use.
  • No artificial sweeteners are used in the recipes so that only the most natural ingredients possible go into the food you make.
  • Doctor-approved key points in forming healthy food practices are included so that the more these are practiced, the more natural they become.
  • Short, interesting quips begin each recipe so that kids learn how apples have played a role in the history of food and affected the course of human events.
  • And a whole lot more!

Here’s what others are saying:

Who doesn’t love apples? And they are available year around. Here the author offers young cooks and their families healthier alternatives to the traditional high-sugar, white flour, apple desserts and other dishes. Emphasis is on low-sugar, no sugar and other healthy food practices. My mouth waters reading through the recipes for Apple Biscuit Coffee Cake and Apple Pie (made with apple juice concentrate instead of sugar).Tips, historical facts, and cooking advice are sprinkled throughout the book. I highly recommend it!

Amy Houts

Who knew apples were so versatile! The recipes included take you from breakfast, lunch, and snack time thru dinner and dessert. My 12 year-old loves to cook and the recipes in this book are easy to follow. Not only are the ingredients clearly listed, but so are all the tools you’ll need! Add to that the use of natural sugars, or no added sugar and your on your way to teaching your kids, through their tastebuds, that you don’t need a ton of sugar for a sweet treat.

Marcy Kremer

Healthy to the Core came to me just in time to enjoy apple season and fixings for Thanksgiving! Delicious recipes from breads and snacks, drinks and desserts, to even sandwiches and salads. The author’s emphasis on preparing delicious food and keeping it healthy is one tasty answer to our concerns about obesity and malnutrition.

Jessica Chapman

Here’s Everything You Get…

Healthy to the Core

This 128 page softcover, spiral-bound print cookbook with over 100 apple recipes kids will want to make and enjoy.

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($19.95 Value)

Healthy Eating Check Sheet

Download my quick PDF guide for ways on improving your family’s diet – for life! These doctor-approved nutrition tips should be top mind for every family’s health…and as a reminder, on every refrigerator door for healthy nudges during the day! You’ll receive this check sheet right away as a PDF when you click the Order Now button below.

($15.95 Value)

Learning Through Cooking Activities

Included is this ebook with fun cooking activities for young children. Using food to learn basic concepts is an easy and practical way to keep kids interested in learning – and cooking!

Food related experiences include:

* identifying shapes and colors

* describing food through the senses

* observing differences and similiarities

* encouraging good manners

* learning about fractions with mini pizzas

* and many others

You can access this ebook immediately after clicking on the Order Now button below.

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Yummy Healthy Kids Snack Ideas

Lots of quick and easy recipes and ideas are ready for eager fans to make from Yummy Healthy Kids Snack Ideas. There are snack ideas from all food groups. This collection offers healthful alternatives to traditional high-calorie snack foods. No need to run to the store to grab something. Give these a try and you’ll be hooked. An occasional treat is not the end of the world. However, think healthy. Make your snacks the healthier way. This is a PDF collection of healthy kids snack ideas available as soon as you click the Order Now button.

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Listening to the Mukies and Their Character Building Adventures

Enter comfort food and satisfying appetites…these Mukies are the real gatekeepers. “These clever creatures certainly show that through being open-minded and truly listening to one another we can cope with current issues such as racism, violence, and aggression.” –KB Herbert, International Listening Association.

What better way to finish snack time then to read one of these chapters on decision making in the life of a Mukie, who looks different than most but feels the same. Activities and discussion points bring out lots of interaction. Softcover, real 102 page print book. Received Mom’s Choice Award.

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Here’s My “Happy Healthy Kids” Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely fall in love with these books and the healthy dishes your child will make after using the recipes. In fact, you will want to say to your child “This can be the start of your cookbook and library collection. I’m so happy you like to read and work in the kitchen. I’m really proud of you” or I’ll send back every penny you paid.