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We have a guest post today, especially for those of you with children “leaving the nest”. Read some of the recommendations given by Edina Jones, our guest blogger for today.

Are you wondering how your grown child will get along living on his or her own? He or she may be at college now or away working at a job. You remember how they depended on you; how they asked you for favors; how they could never do a thing without your help. You hope you have given them a good foundation and taught them basic skills, including how to cook. However, once your son or daughter leaves home, you start fretting about him/her.

Stop worrying! Instead, focus on how to convey your love to your young adult. You can email, phone, write a letter or send some photos. Do you know what they would really love? Yes, you are right, care packages full of their favorite foods! In addition, you can include healthy recipes in the packages.

Delightful goodie baskets

Here are a few ideas to try out.

Organic food basket
– Put together a selection of organic fruits that your child loves. Choose fruits like apples, pears, oranges, peaches, and others. Include dry fruits like cashews, strawberry flavored fruit preserves, whole-wheat crackers, tortilla chips, peanut butter, green tea, and other easily packable items. Who said health and taste didn’t go together? Your health conscious son/daughter is sure to love this gift.

Chocolate basket – Opt for an assortment of chocolates, dark chocolates, milk chocolates, cupcakes, or whatever he/she likes, to put in this basket. Add chocolate-coated almonds, raisins, walnuts, and chocolate cookies, chocolate dips, chocolate snack mixes, and others. It will be a welcome sweet treat for your son or daughter.

Pizza basket – Want your child to really be impressed? If they have a way to do some baking, send a collection of bread baking mixes for pizza making. Include some tomato basil sauce, smoked pepperoni, and spices like peppers, onions, and garlic and herbs to make a delicious pizza. A nice gift along this line would be to include a pizza stone and rack to make the baking process easier. Every time they bake a pizza, they will be reminded of home and, of course, mom’s special touch.

Seafood basket – Is your young adult a connoisseur of seafood? Student care packages filled with smoked salmon, mackerel, herring, mussels, oysters, etc. are sure to delight a seafood lover. You may also include tasty treats like clam or lobster chowder, oyster crackers, sauces, and many other related foods. Just make sure that the package will maintain the correct temperature for the safe eating of its contents.

Ice cream basket – Most young people love ice cream. The idea of this basket is to enhance the experience of enjoying a scoop. No, you are not going to send ice cream; as delivering it would be a difficult job. Add contents such as colorful sprinkles, cones of different flavors, chocolate or raspberry sauces, almonds, peanuts, cookie crumbles, banana chips, chocolate crunch, etc.

You can prepare the food baskets yourself. Or, you can choose one ready-made or order custom gift baskets. There are many companies online and in catalogs that deliver the type and kind of basket you specify at the appointed time.

Edina Jones is a self published author and food critic. She writes articles on many food themes such as Dessert Recipes, Picnic Recipes and similar topics. For more information on Healthy Recipes and Salad Recipes she recommends you visit:

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