Healthy After-School Snack Ideas

As your kids burst through the door after school are their first words “I’m hungry – what’s there to eat“? You may have anticipated this and been ready with a prepared snack. Or they may have to find or fix something themselves. A bag of chips is the quick and easy way. A shelf in the refrigerator or cupboard filled with healthy snacks is another option.  Which way does it work in your family?

Snacks represent a significant part of a child’s diet. These foods need to nourish them and not just fill them up.

Kids want to be independent. What better way to show them you know they are ready for more responsibility than allowing them to prepare food for themselves? Sometimes all they need are some food ideas and suggestions to spur them on in their creative endeavors.

Over a month’s worth of snack suggestions are found in my new ebook on How to Solve Your Child’s “After School Munchies” the Healthy Way – with Easy Recipes and Ideas. You and your children will find lots of healthy and nutritious choices so that better nutrition becomes fun. It can also get them started on a life-long path of making good food choices.

With so much unhealthy junk food available, the challenge is to get kids involved in healthy eating. Include your children in the entire process of choosing, preparing, and eating foods that are both healthy and delicious. Since all children love to eat, preparing food is a highly motivating activity. There is a great deal of pride when they prepare something for themselves. You sense this as they tell you,’See, I made it myself’.

Children are more likely to eat and enjoy food they have helped prepare. When kids have hands-on experiences, they have the joy of working with food as well as eating it. They love the sense of independence and accomplishment.

You and your children will appreciate the help this ebook provides. All the foods can be prepared quickly so that the snacks are ready after school or anytime your kids get hungry. This prevents the usual reaction of reaching for a quick fix of high calorie, high fat and/or carbohydrate foods.

You can order this ebook, How to Solve Your Child’s “After School Munchies” the Healthy Way – with Easy Recipes and Ideas here: Will your child’s snacks be highly processed foods loaded with additives, or quick, healthy, whole foods that are nourishing and appealing – and fun to make?

To you and your family’s health,

Lee Jackson, CFCS
Food writer and author

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