Keep Thanksgiving Food Safe

Thanksgiving Feast

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Enjoy your feast tomorrow – remember to keep it safe.

  • Always keep hot foods hot – above 140 degrees and cold foods cold, below 40 degrees F.
  • Don’t partially cook meat, poultry or fish and complete the cooking the next day.
  • Best to bake the stuffing separate from the turkey.
  • Refrigerate leftovers promptly and reheat to at least 165 degrees F.
  • If eating at a restaurant and want to take left-overs home, refrigerate within two hours.
  • Be especially careful when taking home meats, egg products and dairy foods as these foods become easily infected with bacteria.
  • Be sure to reheat leftovers to 165 degrees before eating them.
  • Never taste any food that looks or smells questionable.

Be safe!

Lee Jackson

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