Get Your Kids Off the Sugar Wagon

Most parents will tell you they know when their child overdoses on candies, cookies, and sweetened sodas. Their once-lovable, mild-mannered child becomes that exasperating, rawdy, hyperactive brat.

Does sugar cause hyperactivity? There is still much debate over this, but those who live with, or work with children, will tell you that sugar has been the culprit.

Helping your child cut back, or eliminate, sugar can be one of the best things you can do for your child. This can help him or her do better in school, have more friends, possibly sleep better, and certainly be much more pleasant to be around.

But what is a parent to do?

  • Get rid of the sodas! If it’s not around, it will not be a temptation.
  • Get rid of the cookies, candies, and ice creams. Some people can cut down gradually. For others it needs to be “cold turkey”.
  • Set a good example. Cut back or eliminate your own consumption of sugar.
  • Reinforce good behavior. Remember to praise and reinforce your children for choosing wholesome, healthy foods over others.

But what will take its place, you ask?

Keep lots of fresh fruits and vegetables ready to eat.

Have water in pitchers handy. Tell them they need to stay “hydrated”. That sounds like what an athlete might say – it sounds better than saying, “drink lots of water”.

Encourage your children to get outside and exercise. Playing video games or watching TV doesn’t require much action. Help them create healthy habits from a young age.

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