Fun Preparing Food in the Kitchen

Some people like to eat in restaurants or buy frozen foods to quickly pop into the microwave. But what I like best of all is cooking meals at home and enjoying the preparation.

Nothing is better than going out into one’s garden for fresh lettuce or green onions for a salad. When there isn’t a garden or any home-grown foods we can find fresh produce in the market. Farmers’ markets will be opening soon in many locations. And there are so many choices at grocery stores!

Then we like to open a cookbook and find a delicious-looking recipe. Sometimes we use what we have in the refrigerator and make it into another dish. Other times we check to see if we have the ingredients, then collect them and follow the recipe. It’s a great feeling when family and friends enjoy the food we’ve prepared.

Fixing food can be very satisfying. Sitting in the shade munching on an apple and cookie – having a juicy orange with muffins for breakfast – helping yourself to a plate of macaroni and cheese – all are great ways to enjoy food, especially if we have had a hand in preparing it.