Food Label and Shopping Answers

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In the last post we looked at some words pertaining to food labels and other terms related to food. Did you divide the words and phrases into “good” and “poor”?

Here is the way I think of those words and phrases:

“Good” words to look for when choosing food:
whole food
whole wheat pasta
whole grain
whole grain oatmeal
plain organic yogurt
brown rice

“Bad words” or foods or processes to avoid when choosing food:
hydrogenated fats
white rice
artificial flavoring
corn syrup
refined flours
high fructose
artificial dyes
refined – white bread

When I go to the food market I want to have my list ready. First, though, when I make out the list, I try to write it according to the layout of the store – that is, I visit first the canned areas, the meat section, then the fresh fruits and veggies, and finally the frozen food section. Actually, I try to stay out of the middle of the store. Much of the fresh foods and those that are more nutritious are generally on the outside perimeter.

I don’t go to the store hungry either, because you know what that does! Everything looks good and I buy more than I need. The sooner I leave the store the better, too, because that means I won’t spend as much. I won’t be enticed with all the temptations surrounding me. In and out, is how I like to shop.

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