Food for Our Families

Get children interested in eating healthy and cooking. Start them at an early age to help with meal preparation.

During this time of being restricted to our homes, we have more time to think. Perhaps we think about what we could be doing, or what we would like to be doing. And before you know it, you are hungry again.

Yes, food and mealtimes have been a cause of concern for many. What will we eat? Do we have enough food? How do we fix what we have?

I feel it is especially important for children to, first of all, have enough food to eat, and then to encourage an interest in eating healthy and cooking.

They have more time now and can provide their help in the kitchen with preparing food. Often they just need suggestions on ways to help. Others are enthusiastic go-getters who will surprise and inspire you.

Perhaps children will even learn how important it is to know how to cook. They can become more aware of the importance food plays in their lives and those of their family and friends.

Most children love to work in the kitchen.

From an early age children can help with mixing and stirring. They can set the table. They can measure ingredients. Depending on their age, there is a long list of jobs they can do that would help get food on the table.

Am I suggesting that people do actually sit around a table with food? And have a regular mealtime? This is a wonderful tradition that has been neglected for too long. This might be a good time to instill it again.

I’ve put together a book bundle for kids and families—one they can use immediately to help them eat healthy. These ebooks and physical books help kids learn to cook and to be mindful of healthy eating.

We have published cookbooks and other children’s books for many years. Now we are offering a special bundle for children and their families. It is especially important in this period of making sure we use our time and resources usefully, appropriately, and healthfully.

This book bundle will get your kids excited about cooking healthy. It features a wide variety of recipes with ingredients easily found in one’s kitchen. There are two print books and ebooks to interest your children.

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Add this to your child’s cookbook collection of healthy recipes today. Their family and friends will be envious of the headstart your child has on making food that is tasty, delicious, and good for them.

Read here what one reader said:

The author’s emphasis on preparing delicious food and keeping it healthy is one tasty answer to our concerns about obesity and malnutrition.

Jackie Reynolds

Great way to learn basic cooking skills as well as enjoying eating healthy. They’ll be anxious to get in the kitchen and start cooking.

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This new offer has a limited amount of cookbooks with the handy plastic coil binding so order today before we run out!

To your health and that of your family,

Lee Jackson