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Teachers and parents will find entertaining ideas for helping children appreciate cooking and learn where their food comes from. —Booklist

This collection of seasonal recipes and fun activities will get 7 to 12 year olds cooking all year around. Children will experience the joy of the changing seasons through food and fun activities.

More than a cookbook! Children experience how food plays an important part in our lives throughout the year. They learn how

  • food choices change with the seasons
  • food helps families celebrate the changing seasons\
  • food helps families appreciate the rhythm and harvest of the seasons.

The book begins with back-to-school healthy breakfast recipes with suggestions on getting kids off to a good start. They will enjoy the apple and pumpkin Halloween recipes —and have fun doing the activities with their friends.

Autumn is rich with fresh garden produce. Children can make veggie pizza, dry herbs, make vegetable soup, apple honey muffins, zucchini squares and many other fall foods.

There is a history to Thanksgiving, this feasting day and proud American event. The author compares the traditional to the current. She asks: What is Thanksgiving to you? Is it turkey, stuffing, and cranberries or family, friends, and football? Traditional food recipes for sweet potatoes and apple casserole, cranberry salad, green bean bake as well as easy pumpkin pie are given. Children can easily become involved in this family holiday by making a favorite dish or starting a new tradition with a different one.

The author includes the legend of the five kernels. Kids will enjoy this.

The winter holidays are perhaps the most anticipated, most prepared for, and most loved by people around the world. Many joyous holidays are celebrated, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Houts includes traditions from other countries as well. Food plays a large part in most holiday celebrations.

The winter season is filled with comfort foods that can be shared with family and friends. This includes a mouth-watering selection of cookie recipes for a cookie exchange party and many baked goods. The section on simple holiday gifts from the kitchen will delight children and adults alike as they choose simple holiday gifts for give-aways.

Holiday gifts from the kitchen help children share their special time with others. The book reveals what the author and many child development specialists feel is most important – time spent together, giving to others, and sharing with others.

New Year’s Day is a time of open house celebrations and other family and friend gatherings. Children can make appetizers such as dips and cheese balls and apple cider. Also, there is a reminder to remember to feed the birds.

Valentines Day is a time to express love to those special persons. Suggestions are given for a Valentines’ Day Tea Party complete with decorations and food. A-Tisket A-Tasket party game is included.

President’s Day recipes include crab cakes, said to be a typical dish George Washington might have eaten. Mini cherry cheesecakes are also on the menu, as are old fashioned buttermilk biscuits. This bread recipe may have been one of the staples that Abraham Lincoln enjoyed in his log cabin home.

St. Patrick’s Day has the traditional corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes recipe. As well as Irish soda bread and Reuben sandwiches. Or would you prefer Corned Beef hash? They’re all included.

The beautiful time of spring arrives with new tastes and interests. Easter calls for bunny’s favorite egg salad and carrot raisin salad. A cake with spring flowers in the center (with stems wrapped in aluminum foil and placed in the hole in the center), will provide a colorful spring-time centerpiece as well as dessert.

How many ways can you fool family and friends on April Fool’s Day? Let me count the ways: in meat loaf, baked potatoes, biscuits, pudding, and other.

May Day is a celebration of flowers. It also signals the ripening of spring fruits such as strawberries. These you will find aplenty in a parfait, shortcake, smoothie, kabobs, and in jam.

The Mexican Fiesta of Cinco de Mayo is a day of feasting and celebrating. Recipes include such foods as avocado dip and various nachos, tacos, fajitas and tortilla wraps. There are tips on how children can participate in the fun festivities.

Late spring and summer bring out Patriotic holidays such as Fourth of July as well as recipes for celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. There are invitations to a Father’s Day Brunch, complete with invitations, phone etiquette, and organizing. The fruit cup and muffins, cheesy egg casserole, brunch cake and homemade hot cocoa mix appear to fit the bill. Or maybe banana smoothie or orange blast?

There is a list of 10 ways to keep cool in the summertime. However children spend their summer, the sugar-free lemonade, cranberry fizzy and apple punch will provide a welcome relief from the heat. Variations of making ice cream treats are given.

Cooking with children is valuable time spent while accomplishing worthwhile tasks. If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or caregiver who is teaching kids to bake and cook, this book will inspire you to find joy in cooking together. Healthy recipes and food ideas are chosen to give a variety of food experiences appropriate for various age groups. The author’s hope is that the book will encourage you to be creative in preparing food with children and that you will value and cherish your time with each other.

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