Finding Happiness in Your Own Back Yard

I’ve been doing a series on making a difference, to spotlight Make a Difference Day on October 23.

Today I want to highlight another aspect of making a difference. This time I want to relate this to our search for happiness and how it makes a difference in our life and the lives of those we love.

People search for happiness in many places. Often times others, such as mass media, the internet, and those with whom we associate, influence us into thinking that possessions, places, or things will make us happy.

Questions here point to:

Do you think a place can provide happiness?
Do you trust all the people you listen to?
Where do you find happiness?

Taking a look at another story in Listening to the Mukies and Their Character Building Adventures we find that eventually the Mukie realizes happiness is working at what you like to do, having optimism and a faith in the future. It is sharing with others, and most of all, being loved and loving others. He realized he didn’t need to seek a place elsewhere – it was in his own backyard.

The author, Robert Bohlken, Ph.D.  relates lines adapted from The Man in the Mirror by Dale Wimbrow that include:

It is you alone who makes your choices
No matter what others may say or do
You may listen to other voices
But the voice of the reflected one in the mirror
is the most important to you.

This book has been highly recommended by parents, teachers, and counselors in bringing out important ways of making a difference in personal lives as well as those of others. It won the Mom’s Choice Award from The Just For Mom Foundation.

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