Farmers’ Market Had Loads of Zucchini and Corn

I went to the Farmers Market this morning and found some great buys on vegetables. There were heaping loads of corn and melons and zucchini. There was so much to choose from this crisp morning. I really had to stick to my list because everything looked so good.

It was fun to go from one trailer or pickup or table to another seeing all the fresh produce. One farmer had the biggest cantaloupes I had ever seen! I have really enjoyed this kind of melon this summer and hope the one I bought will taste as good.

I also bought some corn, turnips, onions, and a huge green pepper. The turnips are so good eaten raw, with a little salt.

Another farmer had garlic, which I also bought, and another had tomatoes. I can hardly wait to have BLT (bacon-lettuce-tomato) sandwiches!

Tonight I fixed a simple but good zucchini dish. I poured a little olive oil into my black cast iron skillet in preparation for a little stir-fry. Since I had the garlic, I peeled a few cloves, then cut them up fine and put them in the skillet. I washed the zucchini really well and sliced it into the skillet. Zucchini doesn’t need to be peeled and the bright green color really makes it look good. The big, green pepper looked tempting so I cut a little of it and added it to the skillet. Then I added a little onion, some basil and a good dash of fresh ground pepper. I let it cook for a while, turning it every so often to get the vegetables slightly browned throughout. I halved some cherry tomatoes, which also came from the market, to have ready to stir in. When the vegetables were slightly browned, a liberal amount of Parmesan cheese was sprinkled on top, cherry tomatoes mixed in, and voila, it was oh, so good!

The corn won’t make it from the field to the table in 24 hours today. Mine will have to wait 48 hours, which will not be as good. But with the burritoes, too, there would have been too much food tonight.

I like buying locally grown food. Besides helping the local economy, food tastes so much better. The local market is where you will find that just-picked freshness and full-flavored ripeness plus a wide variety of food.