Cooking Around the Country With Kids

Cooking Around the Country with Kids: USA Regional Recipes and Fun ActivitiesAuthor: Amy Houts
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This book  introduces food through the traditions of different cultures that celebrate America’s diversity. Immigrants who settled this great country brought with them their memories and tastes of foods from the vast regions of the world. Their food preferences reflected their traditions, history, religion, celebrations, and family.

Here you will find a  sample of delicious recipes from America’s cooking heritage. You will be taken on a journey from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, across the wide prairie, to the mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and Hawaii. Each section of the country has a chapter focusing on recipes indicative of that region. A brief geographic description of the area is given as well as some fun activities for children and adults to enjoy.

The selected recipes are authentic to the region, and/or to the food produced there. Clear directions are given for easy-to-make dishes, or easy versions of more difficult recipes. The ingredients used are either in your pantry or readily available at your local grocery store.

Preparing  food from different regions of the country is one way of learning about the United States of America while satisfying the taste buds. In addition, it can help children gain a greater appreciation and enjoyment of our differences. Cooking with children can help establish and/or preserve traditions and share childhood memories.

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