Character Building and Children

Many schools are starting out their fall semester with a heavy emphasis on demonstrating good character traits such as kindness, politeness, respect, cooperation, generosity, helpfulness, tolerance and others. Students are told that the only person in charge of their character is herself or himself.

One way you can help your student, or others, become more aware of practicing good character traits is through interactive sharing of information about character building situations. Children from ages 8-14 can really relate to the problems and situations in the book, Listening to the Mukies and Their Character Building Adventures.

This interactive approach works because, when it is read with an adult, the Mukies, as these friendly clever creatures are called, provide the basis for an easy exchange of thoughts, feelings, and ideas about values and ethical issues. Then you can discuss them and help clarify your child’s thinking about these important issues.

As Warren Buffett says, ‘An individual needs three traits to be successful on the job: intelligence, work ethic and character. The first two without the last will not cut it.’ We want students to grow up to be responsible caring individuals with a concern and respect for others.

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Here’s to helping your child be the best he or she can be,

Lee Jackson
Family and Consumer Life Coach
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