Celebrating Presidents Day

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Presidents Day is held the third Monday of February. This was first designated as a federal holiday to honor George Washington, the first President of the United States whose birthday is February 22. Now, in addition to Washington, we honor the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday is February 12, and other past presidents.

Our American currency shows the profiles of past presidents. Many of our coins as well as bills have pictures of a number of presidents. An interesting site is at  http://www.newmoney.gov/education/default.htm where children (and others) can take an interactive quiz about the relatively new $100 bill, which features Benjamin Franklin. They give interesting information about the changes this note has undergone and how to tell a real bill from a counterfeit.

Going along with the currency quiz for this Presidents Day, here is a a fun activity to have with your children. You can plan a penny hunt (or other denonimation). Parents hide the money and children look for it. Then they get to keep what they find, divide it accordingly, give it to a cause, or have other uses for it.

What are some favorite activities to do with your children on day’s off from school?

Celebrating Presidents Day,

Lee Jackson, CFCS

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