Cantaloupe – Another Summer Fruit Favorite

North American "cantaloupes"
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All summer long I have different “favorite” fruits – right now it’s cantaloupe. Although cantaloupes are available all year around, their peak growing and harvesting season is June through August. The western states are major producers but I bought a luscious one at the Farmers Market here in northern Missouri last week-end.

This is one fruit that is good for those watching their diet, or not, because it is low in calories and is a good source of Vitamin A and C, potassium and some minerals. Its sweet and juicy flavor spells summer all over. It is another food I sometimes tend to eat “over the sink”.

When I was much younger, a favorite dish to serve was to cut a small cantaloupe in half and fill it with ice cream. It was a dessert to die for! I have not seen mention of this for many years, nor have I eaten it this way recently. It combined two of my very best tasting foods and I loved it!

After buying a cantaloupe, it’s best to wash it in warm soapy water, as this gets rid of any dirt and impurities on the rind before cutting into it. There are a number of ways to cut it – from wedges, cubes, to quarters and halves or making into melon balls.

Some like to make cantaloupe into soup, others sorbets and other dishes. For me, if I can’t fill it with ice cream, I like it straight.

How do you like yours?

Lee Jackson
Home and Family Living Educator

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