Are You Still on a Sugar High?

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Valentine’s Day is over, but are you still on a sugar high? Chocolates and other sweets can be highly tempting as well as addicting.

Here are 5 tips you can use now to cut back or eliminate sugar:

  • When the urge hits to have a candy or sweet, have a drink of water or brush your teeth.
  • When you have the craving, wait 10 minutes, then wait 20 minutes, then see whether you have defeated it.
  • When a candy attack hits, say to yourself, “I only eat foods that are healthy for me,” or other saying that reinforces your will to stay away or cut down on sugar.
  • Exercise helps to keep you focused. Go for a walk, ride your bike, or shoot some baskets. Do anything active that will push your sugar thoughts into the background.
  • Hide the candy, cookies, and cake. Having them out of sight helps.

To your good healthy,

Lee Jackson, CFCS
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