Are You a Breakfast Skipper?

It’s late and the bus is coming. “But you didn’t eat anything?”, your Mom yells. “I don’t have time,” you reply, “I’ll grab something from the machine at school”.

Is this how your morning goes?

You’ve heard it said that breakfast is an important meal of the day. It should give your body at least a third of the food needed every day.

If you don’t enjoy typical breakfasts of cereal and milk, toast, fruit, eggs or ham or bacon, what can you eat?

Any food that is good for other times of day is good for breakfast. You don’t have to be a breakfast skipper. Try some of these:

  • Grilled cheese sandwich and orange juice
  • Soup and sandwich and milk
  • Fruit smoothie and toast
  • Pasta salad, crackers, and cheese
  • Granola and yogurt and hot chocolate
  • Pizza and milk
  • Crackers and cheese and fruit
  • Muffin and fruit
  • Banana bread and milk
  • Frozen home-made whole-grain pancakes and milk
  • Stir fried veggies and milk
  • Any leftovers from supper, such as cold chicken and salad

The night before, think what you might have available for breakfast. Ask your Mom or see what you could have in the morning. Maybe even set the table. Having good quality food to eat before school really makes a difference in the way you will feel and look.