Apple Festival Time

Harvest festivals are in full swing. Love this time of year!

I just came back from visiting Door County in Wisconsin where I bought some McIntosh apples. These apples are well-known in the northern part of the US and Canada.

The McIntosh is a very old apple variety, making its debut in Ontario, Canada in 1870. It went on to much fame, with the Empire and Cortland being two of its well-known offspring varieties.

It’s named after a farmer by the name of John McIntosh. The original tree was near the McIntosh home and was badly scorched when the house burned down in 1894. The tree continued to limp along, bearing fruit until 1908. A stone memorial now marks its site.

This dark red apple has an aromatic smell and has a somewhat spicy interior. It’s a good variety to use for applesauce but tends to lose its shape when baked in a pie. Makes great cider.

For ways on using McIntosh apples, as well as other varieties, check out my two apple cookbooks here.

Enjoy apples!

Lee Jackson

Author, From the Apple Orchard and
Apples, Apples Everywhere – Favorite Recipes From America’s Orchards

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