About Martin Luther King, Jr. and Making a Difference in the World

Today should be more than a day off from school, or perhaps work. It is a day to remember the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and what he did for mankind. His “I have a dream” speech should be etched in the minds of everyone. It should remind us there are many wrongs to right and needs to be met in this country and beyond.

An article I read yesterday in the Parade magazine reminds me of this. It was about a family who were challenged by their 14 year old daughter to make a difference in the world. They discussed, debated, and researched ways to do this, finally settling on giving away their home. They sold their large, beautiful home for a house half it’s cost and donated the profit to a charity. They found this action enriched their lives beyond measure. You can read about it here.

Not everyone is called to make this huge a contribution to what they believe helps humanity. We can do much less and still make a difference. Any amount given to the Red Cross or Catholic Relief Services for the people of Haiti could be one small way.

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