15 Ways To Help Others

This past week I’ve zeroed in on “self” and making a difference. Today I want to share with you 15 ways I believe we can help others, which will make a huge difference in the world.

Volunteer. Find out what opportunities are available in your community and help them out.
Smile. “Everyone smiles in the same language.” — Author Unknown
Show gratitude by being appreciative of what others do for you and let them know it.
Be a good sport, which means knowing and following the rules and playing fair.
Be a caring, respectful person who obeys the laws and rules.
Help people who need help – work to improve conditions for others.
Be honest, truthful and accountable.
Let others know you care about them.
Be optimistic in believing things will turn out well.
Be proud of your community and work to make it better.
Do positive things for others.
Show kindness by being gentle, helpful and friendly.
Be punctual, which is a way of showing respect for others.
Be reliable and trustworthy.
Accept others for who they are.

These are reminders of ways to brighten the world and make it a better place.

Lee Jackson, CFCS
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