Childrens Christmas books make perfect gifts

Christmas books make great gifts for children on your list.

Children’s Christmas books get read over and over. The Littlest Christmas Kitten is one such book. The book weaves the story of a lost kitten into the events of the Holy Night when Baby Jesus is born. The big, bold illustrations grab attention and lead the reader right to the stable.

Watch a 39 second YouTube trailer here:

Perfect for the holidays.


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Cat’s Rule

We think cats rule, in the dog-cat showdown. That does not mean we don’t like dogs, quite the contrary – I have a family member with 5 cocker spaniels that I think are most loving and adorable, and certainly rule their house!

But I have liked cats from an early age. Is that why I wrote the book, The Littlest Christmas KittenChristmas Kittens? One reason, yes, another: I wanted to remember the joy and majesty of the Holy Night.

There is still time to order this book for Christmas at kitten book.  I would be happy to autograph upon request.

Best to you,

Lee Jackson

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