This is the Day to Cook

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When I was a teacher in the classroom I remember how excited my students were when it was “the day we cook”! I remember the boys especially were very anxious to get going. Yes, ultimately they got to eat what they prepared, which I know was a huge drawing card, but they really relished the hands-on experience.making banana bread kh1 150x150 This is the Day to Cook

We had five unit kitchens in our foods lab with about 4 students in each kitchen. In both the middle school or high school setting, this meant that each student needed to know what to do and have his or her task clearly in mind.

There were some mishaps along the way, such as forgetting to take the plastic wrap off the pan before baking the food, or not turning the oven on, or leaving out an important ingredient. But there were more successes along the way. These included beautifully decorated cakes, crisp, attractive-looking and delicious salads, wonderful baked breads, and many foods they were proud to display and enjoyed eating.

Not only did they gain knowledge of nutrition and how to prepare different foods, but they learned many other skills, such as how to get along with others and how to communicate effectively. Working together helped them develop and improve their leadership skills and artistic skills.

It saddens me to know that many family and consumer sciences classes are being dropped from the curriculum due to time constraints. I realize students need good solid foundations in English, science, and math. I also like to think students need to develop skills in learning how to manage a home and handle family responsibilities. Being knowledgeable about preparing nutritious and tasty meals for the family is an important life skill. It is also good background for success in a food industry career.

To your positive impact on the work of the home,

Lee Jackson

 This is the Day to Cook
PinExt This is the Day to Cook

From Kitchen to Classroom to Book Writing

PinExt From Kitchen to Classroom to Book Writing

Greetings to all!

Hi! I’m Lee Jackson jumping in here after Chef Crombie left. I hope I don’t disappoint! He has some big shoes that I want to fill but it won’t be easy.

I just wanted to tell you a little of my background. I was a family and consumer sciences (home economics) teacher in the middle school and high school for over 20 years. I taught subjects such as foods and nutrition, clothing and design, child development, housing and environment – all subjects that still interest me and ones I continue to find fulfilling.

Way back before I started teaching, I enjoyed recipe clipping, trying new dishes, and in general, trying to find myself in the kitchen. This is stuff, I see now, I’m still trying to do and still like to do.

Somewhere along the way, growing apples, eating apples, finding recipes for apples, and anything “apple” really appealed to me. So much so that I wrote my first cookbook, “From the Apple Orchard – Recipes for Apple Lovers“, which is one of our most popular books.

One good thing leads to another, and I asked orchards and apple cider houses to send me their best recipes and a little information about their apple business. This resulted in another cookbook: “Apples, Apples Everywhere – Favorite Recipes From America’s Orchards”.

There was a textbook sprinkled in amongst teaching and some of this. It is “Careers in Focus: Family and Consumer Sciences. High schools, Junior colleges, and, I understand, some colleges use this in their curriculums. I took a year’s leave of absence to do this, but by the end of the year I had a good start on an outline. It was a long work in progress, but now, I’m very proud of it.

This blogging is rather new to me, but all media is changing so I figured I needed to keep up with the times.

I have some exciting news about another new children’s cookbook that is coming off the press very soon. But I will leave that for another time. Enough about me, I want to hear from you and about you and about other stuff that we all like to think about – food!

I hope you will come back…

Best to you,

Lee Jackson    flatstan19 150x150 From Kitchen to Classroom to Book Writing

(my young friend and I)          

 From Kitchen to Classroom to Book Writing
PinExt From Kitchen to Classroom to Book Writing