Apple Season is Here – Enjoy!

PinExt Apple Season is Here – Enjoy!

Many years ago when I was a family and consumer sciences teacher, the students could hardly wait to work

300px Apples Apple Season is Here – Enjoy!

in a foods lab. “Are we cookin’

today” was an often heard remark.

Fall especially brought an abundance of different foods to prepare and sample.

One of the most versatile and interesting was the use of apples.  At that time we had five unit kitchens with four students in each. Each kitchen was to choose a different method of preparing apples and then all would sample the results.

There was much “ours is better than yours”. “No, wait ‘til you try this” and “I didn’t think you could do all this with apples”.

Thus began the basis for my apple cookbook, From the Apple Orchard Recipes for Apple Lovers.  Who would AllBooksRushScanned 001 Apple Season is Here – Enjoy!AllBooksRushScanned 0011 Apple Season is Here – Enjoy!have thought this cookbook would be one folks tell me they refer to every fall?

If you have a problem wondering what to do with all those apples, I invite you to check out this book at 10 book AppleOrchard e1347384664951 Apple Season is Here – Enjoy! and get one for yourself – and a friend. Apples continue to be one of nature’s most beautiful and bountiful fruits.

Best to you and your family,

Lee Jackson, CFCS

Family and Consumer Life Studies

 Apple Season is Here – Enjoy!
PinExt Apple Season is Here – Enjoy!

Secrets of a Blog Writer

PinExt Secrets of a Blog Writer
Spain and Louisburg CiderFest 009 145x300 Secrets of a Blog Writer

I'm at an apple orchard event.

I’ve been writing this blog for the past 3-4 years. I know a little about you – that you’re interested in kids and cooking. But you probably don’t know a whole lot about me because I’m usually on some topic about eating tips and helping kids stay healthy or about Mom’s helping kids stay well – my top passions.

Today I want to include some things you may not know about me. Yes, I’m a long-time blogger, but here are 5 other things about me:

1. I taught high school family and consumer science classes for over 20 years.

2. In my first year of teaching, I taught all the “home ec” classes, biology classes, and PE (physical education) classes.

3. Love apples. Growing up, we had an apple orchard on our farm -  this whetted my appetite for that bountiful fruit.

4. I was a child-recipe-clipper. While my young friends cut out paper dolls, I cut out recipes.

5. I just sent out a large mailing for my apple cookbooks this week. If you’re one of my customers, expect some mail. If you’re not, just email me at Lee at images unlimited and I’ll send you a charming flyer with all our books illustrated in full color. Be ready for apple season.

I know I’m off topic today but I thought this might be fun – besides, it’s too hot to think too deeply. Please continue to visit  here– share your thoughts and concerns and ask questions. What are some topics  about which you’re needing more information? I’ll try to help by searching for answers. Let me know – I’d love to hear from you.

Best to you and your family,

Lee Jackson
Food Writer

 Secrets of a Blog Writer
PinExt Secrets of a Blog Writer

Reflecting on Flavors of Early America this 4th of July

PinExt Reflecting on Flavors of Early America this 4th of July

Leafing through Fannie Farmers 1896 Boston Cooking-School Cook Book casts a light on earlier foods and methods of preparing it.

300px United States Flag RFK DOJ Building July 2010 Reflecting on Flavors of Early America this 4th of July

If you found the following terms in an Early American cookbook, or receipt book, what would it mean? Answers at the bottom.

Match the definitions to the following terms:

A. spider

B. slump

C. hoecake

D. mush

E. love apple

F. trifle

G. chow-chow

H. dropped egg

I. eggs ala goldenrod

J. Kornlet

K. tripe

L. Indian Pudding

M. gruels

N. junkets

You would also find helpful directions on such jobs as

“How to build a fire” and “How to bone a bird” and many others necessary in an early kitchen.


1. tomato

2. pickled vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, caulifour, celery, onion heated in a brine for pickling

3. fry pan

4. unleavened Johnny cake made of cornmeal, originally baked on the blade of a hoe over an open fire.

5. dessert dish made from thick or often thick custard, fruit, sponge cake, fruit juice or getatin, and whipped cream arranged in layers.

6. poached

7. stomach part of animal such as oxen or cow prepared as food

8. sweet dumpling mixture dropped onto a boiling sugar and fruit mixture

9. canned green corn pulp. Today’s substitution would be sweet baby corn.

10. custard made basically of sugar and milk.

11. hard boiled eggs in a white sauce served over toast.

12. starch, such as flour or cereal, mixed with liquid

13. corn meal left-over from breakfast and fried.

14. baked mixture of milk, meal, molasses, and seasonings

Are you having any of these foods this 4th of July?

May God bless America on this holiday and every day.

Lee Jackson

Books for kids, families, and parenting professional

A)3; B)8; C)4; D)13; E)1; F)5; G)2; H)6; I)11; J)9; K)7; L)14; M)12; N)10

 Reflecting on Flavors of Early America this 4th of July
PinExt Reflecting on Flavors of Early America this 4th of July

Making Apple Roll-Ups

PinExt Making Apple Roll Ups
2784256095 83e6340795 m Making Apple Roll Ups
Image by massdistraction via Flickr

Kids love fruit roll-ups from the store, but you can make them easily at home. What better time to make apple roll-ups than when this fruit is at its peak?

Apple Roll-Ups

6-8  apples
1/4 – 1/2  cup water
about 2 tablespoons honey

Wash, peel, core and cut-up apples.  Add water to apples in saucepan.

Cook over low heat just as you would for applesauce. Cook until apples are soft and break-up easily. Stir occasionally. Do not let apples scorch!

Put in blender or food processor and blend or process until apples are quite smooth.

Mix in about 1 tablespoon honey per cup of applesauce, depending on tartness of apples.

Add more water if apple mixture is too thick to spread evenly.

Cover bottom of cookie sheet pan with plastic wrap.

Spread apple mixture thinly over plastic wrap in pan. May need to use more than one pan.

Put in 150° F  oven with the door slightly open. Leave in oven for 12 hours, or until apples are almost dry, but still pliable.

When mixture cools enough to handle, roll up, as with a jelly roll, starting from wide end.

Store in plastic wrap until ready to use. Then slice each roll into bite-sized pieces.

Note: can use dehydrator for drying apples. Lightly grease trays and spread puree evenly and thinly onto trays. Set temperature at 130-140° F. Dry until fruit feels dry and pliable with no sticky spots.

Any applesauce that is leftover can be spread out on a cookie sheet and dried in this manner for a taste treat just like the store-bought varieties. Add nuts for a nutty-fruity roll.

Enjoy apples – ‘tis the season!

Lee Jackson
Author of From the Apple Orchard – Recipes for Apple Lovers
Apples, Apples Everywhere – Favorite Recipes From America’s Orchards
and Littlest Christmas Kitten

 Making Apple Roll Ups
PinExt Making Apple Roll Ups

Holiday Gift Ideas for Cooks and Apple Lovers

PinExt Holiday Gift Ideas for Cooks and Apple Lovers

Apples are big and beautiful and plentiful this harvest season. 97809306432251 214x300 Holiday Gift Ideas for Cooks and Apple LoversWill cooks know what to do with all those apples? Many don’t realize there are endless applications for using apples beyond the sauces, pies, and crisps. Prolong the apple experience through the holidays by giving an apple cookbook to help the cook use up his or her supply of this amazingly versatile fruit.

The idea for From the Apple Orchard – Recipes for Apple Lovers came to home economist, Lee Jackson, during her school foods classes. It seemed the students always ran out of ideas for preparing apples. Jackson spent her early years living the orchard life and was an avid recipe clipper and food experimenter so she was a ready resource of all things “apple”.

As this book shows, cooks and apple lovers on your Christmas list will welcome the well rounded collection of apple recipes. Not only are there over 25 different pie recipes, but there are also recipes for apple salads, breads, appetizers, beverages, main dishes, cookies, desserts, and preserves.  Some of the mouthwatering recipes include Hot Burgundy Apple Punch, Glazed Apples, Special Apple Waldorf Salad, Apple Turnovers, Chicken with Apple-Cranberry Sauce, Apple-Oatmeal Bars, Apple Pandowdy and Fruity Applesauce Cake with caramel frosting.  There are even a few ethnic dishes such as Apple Kolaches, Apple Chutney, and Old Fashioned Apple Strudel.

If you want to give a larger gift, add the apple cookbook to a basket made up of ingredients for one or more of the recipes. Or you can pack in some colorful apple motif towels and pot holders – even a special Bundt pan or other baking pan or utensil would make the happy recipient know you put loving thought into your gift.

From the Apple Orchard – Recipes for Apple Lovers can be purchased at for $14.95 plus $4.95 postage. Supplies are limited so order early.

 Holiday Gift Ideas for Cooks and Apple Lovers
PinExt Holiday Gift Ideas for Cooks and Apple Lovers

What To Do With All Those Apples?

PinExt What To Do With All Those Apples?

Chef Crombie here helping you answer the question of what to do with all the apples you bought this week-end. The apple harvest is plentiful this year and you must fill your larder with all things apple while they are at their best.

Whether you have a bushel, a peck, or only a pound of apples, this apple cookbook by Lee Jack97809306432251 214x300 What To Do With All Those Apples?son will put you on the path of heavenly bliss. From the Apple Orchard – Recipes for Apple Lovers has over 150 fabulous apple recipes from which to choose. You will find a vast assortment of pies, cakes, and desserts but also so much more. There are apple salads and relishes and compotes, coolers, fizzies and breads; jams, jellies and butters.

There are even a few ethnic recipes such as Apple Kolache (p. 62-63) and Apple Strudel (p. 116). One of my favorite recipes is the Apple Pandowdy on p. 148.

Wondering what variety of apples to use for your recipe? This apple cookbook helps you decide what variety to use for which recipe. Check it out here and you will know how to prepare all of those apples.

Here’s to enjoying the fruit of the season,

Chef Crombie

P.S. Make sure you join Lee and me by signing up where you see “Invitation to Join Us” under Pages here at the top.  Thanks!

 What To Do With All Those Apples?
PinExt What To Do With All Those Apples?

Healthy Meals – SOS September Challenge

PinExt Healthy Meals   SOS September Challenge

applesapples Healthy Meals   SOS September Challenge Now with school started and cooler weather upon us, thoughts turn to re-setting goals again. One of our earlier goals, “eating healthy” may have slipped a little with cook outs, reunions, picnics and other activities. Fall also makes us think of different foods to prepare.

Let September be a time to link back to those good resolutions. Are we making sure the family is eating well balanced meals? Are there enough fruits and vegetables in the meals? Planning is the key. When the kids were young I liked to have the week’s menu on the refrigerator so whoever came home first could see what was supposed to be for supper and could get it started.

Yesterday I wrote about apples, one of my favorite foods and a good fall food. Today I want to share with you one of the recipes from the cookbook, Apples, Apples Everywhere – Favorite Recipes From America’s Orchards. This one comes from The Ridge Orchards in Bourbon, Missouri. It is a great way to begin the day – with a healthy and sustaining dish.

Breakfast Apples

8 to 10 tree ripened apples, sliced (not peeled)

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 cup water

1 to 2 cups oatmeal

honey or maple syrup (not necessary as tree ripe fruit is really sweet)

Place apples in frying pan and add one cup water. Cook gently on stove-top until apples are tender. Add cinnamon. Place apples in four bowls and top with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of uncooked oatmeal, either quick or old fashioned, according to your taste.

Makes 4 servings.

You can order this cookbook with over 150 apple recipes here. This recipe comes from the Main Dish section, but there are also recipes for Beverages, Breads, Salads, Cookies, Cakes, Pies, Desserts, Jams, Preserves, etc. and Special Treats.

Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter coming out soon. See who the new cookbook winner will be!

Lee Jackson Books for cooks and apple lovers, kids, families and parenting professionals

 Healthy Meals   SOS September Challenge
PinExt Healthy Meals   SOS September Challenge