Time Management in the Home

Resolution - better time management

For the beginning of the week, I thought it would be good to take a look at how jobs can be simplified or changed in order to better manage time. Are you getting as much done as you could, or want to, get done? Here is a short self examination on time management and how it can affect productivity and goal setting.

Is this the best time to do this job?
Can this work or operation be eliminated?
What would happen if I didn’t do it?
Can my order of work be re-arranged to make it handier, less stressful?
How can I reduce the time to do this task?
Can I use a different/better tool for this job?
Can I change the work flow?
Can I change the places where things are kept?
What task could I accomplish now in five minutes or less?

Time is a valuable resource used to attain goals. Most people find that planning and following a schedule helps them get the most out of their time. Evaluating current ways of working can often lead to increased productivity and reaching goals more quickly.

Promoting more balance in home and family living,

Lee Jackson, CFCS
Home and Family Life Studies

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