Summertime in New England

Continuing on with our cookbook tour of New England, let’s daydream for a while. It’s summertime and the living is easy!

If you could take a trip “out east” (that is, if you don’t live there now), what state would you want to visit? What city would you want to visit? What would you like to eat once you get there?

A little investigative work can help you continue daydreaming about places and food. You can look up the states or cities on the internet or write to the chamber of commerce of that city. Ask for travel brochures. See what places of interest they have and what activities are in store for this summer. Plan an imaginary trip. Maybe someday you will really travel there. . .

Now, this is the Chef daydreaming. . . I would like to go to the coast of Maine and learn more about its shipbuilding history. The rocky coast and sandy beaches would make good photo shoots. Watching the lobster boats and other commercial ships come in would be very interesting. I would also like to see the lighthouses and covered bridges and eat fresh seafood. Maybe someday, this too, will happen. We can always dream, can’t we?

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