Simplify Your Work

As you work in the kitchen, think of simpler ways to do things. But, at the same time, don’t take shortcuts that may hurt you or others. You don’t want to endanger the health of those who eat the food either.

Here are a few hints:

  • Get out all the ingredients necessary before you begin a recipe.
  • Measure dry ingredients, such as flour and sugar, first. If you measure the wet ingredients, such as milk, oil, or water, you will have to wash and dry the measuring cup.
  • Use a rubber scraper to clean bowls, spoons, beaters.
  • Know what you are getting out of the refrigerator before you open the door. Get all the refrigerated foods out at once so you don’t have to open and close the door many times.
  • Alphabetize the spices. This will help you find cinnamon, parsley, and other spices quicker and more easily.
  • Use a cutting board when you are cutting food.
  • If pan needs to be greased, do this before you begin preparing the food.
  • Set the table or do some clean-up work while you are waiting for something to get done.

While you are working, think of other ways you can work more efficiently. You will have a smoother flow of work and get done quicker.

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