Response to “Kids in the Kitchen This Holiday”

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I hope everyone reads the response to “Get Kids in the Kitchen This Holiday”. It is a success story of how children of all ages and stages find pleasure in working with food. A little adult help, interest, and time go a long way in helping make memories for children.

Do you have a success story of how you work with children in the kitchen and some of their favorite foods?  I would love to hear from you, especially how your family prepares food for the holidays.

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  1. Betty Farber says:

    As a former preschool teacher, as well as a mother and grandmother, I know how much children love to cook, and to eat what they cook! Amy Houts’ books contain a variety of delicious, healthful recipes and creative ideas for parents & teachers.

    • You know first hand how children love to cook. Amy Houts’ books are filled with lots of ways children can learn, sample, and feel proud of what they have done. These are positive learning experiences.

  2. A great story, Lee! You are making a good impact on people’s lives.

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