How the Rabbit Became the Easter Bunny

PinExt How the Rabbit Became the Easter Bunny
BUNNY front cover only 231x300 How the Rabbit Became the Easter Bunny

Author: Bob Bohlken
Illustrator: Ann Hague
Price: $10.95

ISBN  978-0-930643-36-2
Pages: 28
Book Type: Children’s fiction – Animals fiction
Trim Size: 8.5 x 11″

In the far off Land of Oohs and Ahs, a Wise Man seeks the help of different animals in finding ways to celebrate Easter. He is concerned there is no Easter celebration to recognize and remember Christ’s resurrection into Heaven and the coming of Spring. The Wise Man must find the appropriate way to represent rebirth, a new life, forgiveness, peace, and love and spread it throughout the land.

The Wise Man decided to seek the ideas and help of the animals of Oohs and Ahs. It is said that the owl is the wisest, but the pig is the smartest. Children ages 2 to 9 must find out whether the pig could help the Wise Man. Or were there other suggestions?  After meeting several animals, he finds the perfect provider of gifts for children and reminders of why we celebrate Easter. $10.95, softcover, 8.5 x 11 inches. Full color.

About the author: Bob Bohlken is a Professor Emeritus of Communication from Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, MO. He taught at both the secondary and university levels and is currently a communication consultant and writer for the Nodaway News Leaders, Maryville. His professional areas of expertise and research are in listening, semantics, and interpersonal trust/relationships. He imparts his love of words, communication, and listening methods in his books and lectures for any age group. He is the author of four “listening” books and has been inducted into the international Listening Association’s Hall of Fame.

This is a beautifully illustrated book with a unique story line. It is special on so many different levels and is surely a book to be treasured by each child receiving it.” – Sharon Bonnet, former university media director

 About the illustrator: Ann Hogue of Albany, Missouri is the illustrator. She enjoys doing free-lance artwork and is especially inspired by her Christian paintings. She has illustrated numerous children’s books.

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PinExt How the Rabbit Became the Easter Bunny