Memorial Day Brunch

The Chef attended a wonderful brunch with friends yesterday. As you may know, a brunch is a cross between a breakfast and a lunch.

The menu for this 9 a.m. morning meal went like this:

Fresh squeezed orange juice
Medley of mixed fruit
Bacon Quiche (yes, men eat and enjoy quiches, too!)
Raspberry Coffee Cake

Cold juice was served in goblets, which added a festive touch. The main entree for the brunch was the quiche, served hot out of the oven. This is an egg dish with a pastry crust. Tender scones, served in a basket, had a melt-in-the mouth texture. With its bright red raspberry filling, the coffee cake was the perfect ending to the meal.

The food, combined with good company and conversation, made this a memorable morning. Sitting on the deck with the warm breeze blowing was most relaxing.

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