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In his circle of peers, one Mukie in the book, Mukies and Their Character Building Adventures, is a different color. He and his father were the only purple Mukies in the community of brown individuals.  Can you imagine the thoughts and feelings of the single young purple Mukie among a large peer group of brown Mukies?  Or of the large brown group and the single purple one?

This story examines racial bias before it becomes a prejudice. The purple colored Mukie’s identity is first one of curiosity, then distrust, and finally indifference.

Ignoring someone and demonstrating a non-caring attitude can be as hurtful as verbal abuse or name-calling. Self-esteem diminishes and the awareness that one has little or no influence upon others or the situations becomes painful.

The story points out the importance of caring associations – friends, family members, and other associates. A single event can change the mental perspective of those involved. However, often there are “fences to be mended” before mutual acceptance, respect, and friendships can develop.

These and other stories in the book, Mukies and Their Character Building Adventures, make a difference by helping children become more tolerant and understanding of differences in others. By being open-minded and truly listening to one another, issues such as racism, violence and aggression can be overcome. When people know how to talk to each other and work out their differences, they are more willing to cooperate and compromise.

Make a difference by helping children understand important character building skills. Building character is not done in a vacuum. In families and faith communities, adults have long taught children about character. Children watch and observe how others act and react. The traits they develop are linked to personal experiences, beliefs, upbringing, culture, laws, and many others. Being a good role model helps to develop positive character traits in children.

This book, Listening to the Mukies and Their Character Building Adventures, has been highly recommended by parents, teachers, and counselors in bringing out important ways of making a difference in personal lives as well as those of others. It won the Mom’s Choice Award from The Just For Mom Foundation.

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These books help children share a vision for a better world.

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