Healthy Eating Habits

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Chef Crombie here to chime in on healthy eating habits:

There are hundreds of diets and different ways of eating right for good health. I want to tell you about a very simple way to help you meet your food needs. This way will help you eat the right foods in the right amounts for better health.

This method is called the Half-Plate Rule. You take a plate – a regular dinner size plate if you are a grown-up, or a smaller plate if you are younger.
Then you visually divide this plate in half.
You fill half of this plate with vegetables and/or fruit.
You fill 1/4 of this plate with lean meat or other protein food.
You fill the other 1/4 of plate with whole grains.
Young children can add milk.

There you have it. Simple. To the point. Easy.

Actually, I think the size of the plate makes a real difference in how much we eat, so even grown-ups may want to useĀ  smaller plates.

Here’s to your good health.

Chef Crombie

 Healthy Eating Habits
PinExt Healthy Eating Habits

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