Dangers of Plastic Water Bottles

This just came in over my radar screen – and I want you to have this information, too. Many of you know this and have been practicing it for years, but for those who have not heard – listen up – it’s important.

  • Do not drink water or any liquid from plastic bottles that have been in the sun. If the bottles have been left in the car, the heat from the sun and the plastic form certain chemicals that can leak into the water and be dangerous to the body.
  • Do not freeze water in plastic bottles. This releases toxins from the plastic. Toxins are poisonous to the cells in our bodies.
  • Do not use any plastic wrap in the microwave. The high heat can actually cause poisonous toxins to melt out of the plastic wrap. Use paper towels or glass covers instead.
  • Do not heat food in plastic containers in the microwave. Use glass containers such as Corning Ware and Pyrex instead.

Those are our “Don’t’s” for today.

But two big “Do’s” are:

  1. Use a stainless steel or a glass bottle for water
  2. Be careful what you put into your body – it is the only one you have.

Much good health to you,

Chef Crombie

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