Chef’s Day-Off From Cooking

The chef had the day-off but still couldn’t stay away from the kitchen! What a great day it was – we were invited for a cookout and it was most delicious. This was the menu:

Grilled chicken breast wrapped in bacon

Quartered small red potatoes flavored with herbs and spices

Steamed asparagus with mozzarella cheese

Spinach salad with orange wedges

Onion bread

Strawberry shortcake

Iced tea and water

I provided the spinach salad. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow. Right now I have a big dinner I’m preparing for but I’ll get back to you shortly.


  1. I was going to add strawberries to the salad but noted the hostess was having strawberry shortcake so only used the mandarin oranges. I also like to add thin slices of onion to the salad.

  2. My mouth is watering over your menu. Thank you for sharing your Spinach Salad recipe! Pam

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