How You Spend Your Time


It’s the Wonderful Time of the Year

And by that I mean: evaluate how you spend your time and decide what is important. Embrace a few minutes for yourself every day.

Character…It’s Who You Are

Character Building Through Choices and Challenges is a new eBook for kids 8-12. smashwordsCharacter

This eBook helps kids

  • learn to be tolerant of others
  • how to solve problems and put the best solution into action
  • how a handicap can be a blessing in disguise
  • not to judge others by their skin color, religious beliefs, or political outlook.

Kids can see how having a positive attitude, open communication, and good listening skills help them live in balance with themselves and others.

Have these positive choice-making, character-building books available for school or home – enhances reading and listening skills. Order today.
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New eBook About Peer Pressure, Bullying, Decision Making and Problem Solving

buy cheap bridesmaid dressesThrough these short read-aloud stories, children discuss effects of peer pressure, bullying, good citizenship traits, and many others. Great resource for parents, counselors, classroom teachers as it provides an easy exchange of thoughts and ideas about values and ethical issues. See this new eBook here:


Order copies for your class or group. Have these positive choice-making, character-building books available for school or home.

Lee Jackson

Amazing Young Chef and a Dream

yellow bridesmaid dresses onlineThis 12 year old chef has a cookbook and dreams of a successful culinary career. She’s a food personality with ever expanding thoughts into the bigger food universe. That’s the way to think and create – have goals. I’m certain she will attain them.

Here is her story and a number of her recipes. This is so inspiring that I just had to share it with my readers.




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Girl Scout Cookies and the GMO Connection


US Navy 110331-N-NY820-087 Girl Scout cookies ...

US Navy 110331-N-NY820-087 Girl Scout cookies donated through the Troop to Troop program by the Girl Scouts of Citrus council in Central Florida ar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GMO‘s in Girl Scout cookies? It’s another place where GMO’s have reared their ugly head.  Here is revealing information about Girl Scout cookies and their GMO connection. Hear what some are doing about it.  Read the comments, too.


Lee Jackson
Concerned about your health




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Kids Learn to Cook (and So Much More!) Through Community Leadership and Planning

beaded bridal sashes

See how one Ohio community gives foster children healthy lifestyle choices.

As basic cooking skills are often left to chance, fast foods and other quick fixes become the favored, but less healthy, choice. Here leaders team up to get kids involved in learning basic skills of cooking and how to prepare healthy food. The benefit is two-fold: exposing teens in foster care to positive women while they are learning a valuable life skill.



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EBook Helps Kids Get Involved in Kitchen Activities

A-line prom dresses cheap storeThanks to all who downloaded a FREE copy of  Amy Houts’ ebook, Kids cooking and Learning Through Food Activities.

With over 3400 FREE Kindle Amazon downloads during the 3 day promotion, we thank you for getting the word out.  May this little ebook inspire you to encourage your child in meaningful kitchen “experiments”, activities, and food preparation jobs.

At one point the book ranked in the FREE book in Kindle Store as:
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Sports & Activities
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks >  Activity Books

The promotion is over but the ebook continues to be available on Amazon for only $2.99, considered a real bargain. You can place it on your reader, including your Cloud reader and have it instantly at your service.

To happy and healthy cooking and food activities with your child.

Lee Jackson, writer and entrepreneur, is passionate about healthy food and children’s nutrition. She has been helping improve the quality of individual and family life through education for many years. Sign up for her free report, Kids Cooking Activities Using the Five Senses, at See her online catalog of books at







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Safe Practices in the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous places in the home, especially when children are involved.  Working with children in the kitchen requires extra care.

Some of the most common accidents in the kitchen include burns, fires, cuts, falls, electric shock, and poisoning.

You can help prevent accidents while working in the kitchen with children in many ways. Some of these include:

Remember that stove tops are hot and may stay hot long after they are turned off. Adults should cook foods on the stove top and place or remove food from the oven.

Keep handles on pots and pans turned inward, so there is no danger of someone knocking them off the stove.

Don’t wear loose-fitting clothes or long floppy sleeves when cooking or allow children to have long floppy sleeves. They can easily catch fire. Keep long hair tied back.

Use pot holders when handling hot pans. Do not use a towel.

Lift pot lids away from you so the steam flows away from you and does not burn you.

Wash knives separately from rest of dishes and silverware.

Wipe up spills immediately.

Never touch electrical appliances if your hands are wet.

All household cleaners are poisonous. Never pour a little soap or other potentially dangerous liquid into a container that once held food. When small children are around, the cleaners need to be in a locked cabinet.

All cleaners, dish washing detergents, and plastic bags need to be kept out of small child’s reach.

Don’t call vitamins or medicine “candy.”

Stay safe and keep children safe by following safe practices in the kitchen.

To your good health and that of your family,

Lee Jackson
Books for children, families and parenting professionals


Top 10 Reasons to Read a (Real) Book

  • Enriches your mindEnglish: Azerbaijanian girl Leman reading a book.
  • Takes you to new destinations
  • Helps you explore your world
  • See how others live their lives
  • Helps you develop your critical thinking skills
  • Helps you have fun and relax
  • Explore new ideas
  •  Learn or master a new skill
English: Boy Reading a Wikpedia-Book from Pedi...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)Learn or master a new skill
  • Spend an enjoyable time with characters in the book
  • No batteries needed. Use as is.

Have you read a book this month? last week?

It’s so important to have lots of books for children.  It helps them learn.

Lee Jackson



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Tips on Fighting Off the Flu Bug

In addition to washing your hands, getting enough rest, and optimizing your vitamin D levels, here is an important consideration on helping you return to good health quicker if you do get sick with the flu.

This comes from

“Avoid Sugar and Processed Foods. Sugar impairs the quality of your immune response almost immediately, and as you likely know, a healthy immune system is one of the most important keys to fighting off viruses and other illness. It also can decimate your beneficial bacteria and feed the pathogenic yeast and viruses. Be aware that sugar (typically in the form of high fructose corn syrup) is present in foods you may not suspect, like ketchup and fruit juice. If you are healthy then sugar can be consumed but the LAST thing you should be eating when you are sick is sugar. Avoid it like poison while you are sick.”

To read the entire article, see     

So, “no” to ice cream and gelatins and “yes” to soups.

To your good health,

Lee Jackson


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