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New Video on YouTube

Our book, The Littlest Christmas Kitten, just went up on YouTube at – just in time for the season. It’s a children’s story for ages 2 to 12.

This book, illustrated by Kelly Dupre, a talented young artist from Minnesota, captures the excitement of the animals as they sense something important is happening on this Holy Night. Two strangers enter the place where the animals are kept, while a mother cat searches frantically for her little lost kitten. Before the night is over, there is the singing of angels, and animals greeting the newborn child. It is a night to be remembered down through the ages of the cat kingdom.

I invite you to view this 40 second video. Always appreciate “like” comments! Books can be ordered at

Cats, kittens, and Baby Jesus have inspired many stories for children. They are stories that have stood the test of time and beg to be re-read night after night, year after year. See this 40 second video here.

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Lee Jackson

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Chef Gets Techology – Uses Power Point!

The chef is feeling so good about himself! Sigh! Sigh! I just used Power Point for a meeting and it worked!

You young readers won’t think this is a big deal – but for those of us who haven’t always used computers or cell phones, anytime the machine works – that’s a good thing!

I attended a meeting over the week-end and now wanted to share the information with my staff. I decided the best and easiest way to do this was to make a Power Point presentation.

Everything worked well until transferring the information from the computer to the projector to the screen. There were two illusive keys that needed to be hit on the computer to create the connection. They all needed to “talk” to each other.

You have heard the saying, “When in doubt, read the directions.” Which is what I did – many times! Finally a tech savy young staffer pointed me in the right direction and everything worked like a charm!