Apple Season is Here – Enjoy!

PinExt Apple Season is Here – Enjoy!

Many years ago when I was a family and consumer sciences teacher, the students could hardly wait to work

300px Apples Apple Season is Here – Enjoy!

in a foods lab. “Are we cookin’

today” was an often heard remark.

Fall especially brought an abundance of different foods to prepare and sample.

One of the most versatile and interesting was the use of apples.  At that time we had five unit kitchens with four students in each. Each kitchen was to choose a different method of preparing apples and then all would sample the results.

There was much “ours is better than yours”. “No, wait ‘til you try this” and “I didn’t think you could do all this with apples”.

Thus began the basis for my apple cookbook, From the Apple Orchard Recipes for Apple Lovers.  Who would AllBooksRushScanned 001 Apple Season is Here – Enjoy!AllBooksRushScanned 0011 Apple Season is Here – Enjoy!have thought this cookbook would be one folks tell me they refer to every fall?

If you have a problem wondering what to do with all those apples, I invite you to check out this book at 10 book AppleOrchard e1347384664951 Apple Season is Here – Enjoy! and get one for yourself – and a friend. Apples continue to be one of nature’s most beautiful and bountiful fruits.

Best to you and your family,

Lee Jackson, CFCS

Family and Consumer Life Studies

 Apple Season is Here – Enjoy!
PinExt Apple Season is Here – Enjoy!


  1. Amy Houts says:

    It’s my favorite time of year! Love your apple books.

    • Lee says:

      Thanks so much, Amy. Fall is my favorite time, too. It’s fun to visit orchards and taste their apples. Then, my cookbooks can help with knowing what to do with all those apples. Glad you like my apple books.

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