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Books for Cooks and Apple Lovers, Kids, Families, Teachers, and Communication Professionals

Introducing a new book to our list in the area of
Business Communication and Personal Relationships

Author Bob Bohlken, Ph.D. is addressing an age-old problem: ARE YOU REALLY LISTENING TO ME? Come see what this listening expert has to say about using effective listening information to help build a foundation for healthy listening habits with significant others(s) both personally and professionally. Especially for school and church counselors, marriage preparation directors, businesses and their employees, and as an addition to online courses in listening and communication.

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Learning to Listen with Significant Others - A Conversational Approach

by Bob Bohlken, Ph.D.

ISBN 978-0-930643-23-2

Listening to significant others can enhance or break down relationships. Using this conversational approach to interpersonal communication as found in Learning to Listen will strengthen your listening skills. It will also give you a better understanding of your own listening behavior and preferences and the listening behavior and preferences of your significant other(s). $14.95, softcover

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Get kids excited about reading and cooking. Order now!
See award winning books that enrich the lives of children. Check out our books about healthy recipes for kids and families. Get your kids their own kid-friendly cookbooks that introduce food from around the country and books on character development. You’ll find a nice selection of apple recipe books and other country books as well. Buy more great reads  for yourself and your children here.

Healthy to the Core cover 72 dpi 193x300 <font color=#333399>                Images Unlimited PublishingHealthy to the Core! All Natural Low Sugar/No Sugar Apple Recipes for Kids

by Lee Jackson

ISBN: 9780930643294

Get kids cooking one of their favorite foods – apples, without the extra sugars often found in apple baked dishes. Let them experience the natural goodness and flavors of the apple. Over 70 tasty apple-filled recipes from Apple Crisp to Appaloosa Fizz. Introduces top ten healthy eating tips for kids and their families. No artificial sweeteners are used.  $12.95, softcover, plastic coil for ease of use.

Read more here: Healthy to the Core! All Natural Low Sugar/No Sugar Apple Recipes

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Cooking Around the Country with Kids -
USA Regional Recipes and Fun Activities

by Amy Houts

ISBN: 9780930643249

This American heritage cookbook is filled with over 250 pages of recipes, activities, and food history. Exploring the various regions of our country through food introduces children to new tastes and different cultures. From the East Coast to the West, this cookbook encourages children to engage with the history of the United States through the preparation and cooking of traditional regional foods.  $19.95 Softcover

Read more here:  Cooking Around the Country With Kids – USA Regional Recipes and Fun Activities

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CookCalender 243x300 <font color=#333399>                Images Unlimited PublishingNEW, REVISED Edition now available. Order now
for personal copies and copies for school

Cooking Around the Calendar with Kids -
Holiday and Seasonal Food and Fun

by Amy Houts

ISBN: 978-0-930643-12-6

Cooking with children is fun and helps them learn so much more than how to prepare food. Help your child learn basic skills, prepare food they will enjoy, and celebrate the changing seasons with these food and fun activities. Missouri Writers’ Guild MAJOR BOOK AWARD WINNER. $16.00 softcover

Read more here:  Cooking Around the Calendar With Kids – Holiday and Seasonal Food and Fun

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12 book.Mukies e1375804313995 <font color=#333399>                Images Unlimited PublishingListening to the Mukies and Their Character Building Adventures

by Robert Bohlken, Ph.D.

ISBN: 0-930643-15-1

Resource for character building programs and for family-time reading. The Mukies help children gain insight into character building and enhance reading and listening skills. Their encounters help bring out traits such as respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, caring,  citizenship, and peaceful co-existence.  Eight read-aloud stories with lots of interaction for grades 2-5.   MOM’S CHOICE AWARD WINNER. Softcover, $12.95.

Read more here: Listening to the Mukies and Their Character Building Adventures

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The Littlest Christmas Kitten

By Leona Novy Jackson
Illustrated by Kelly Dupre

ISBN: 978-0930643-18-8

Makes the Christmas story more alive and meaningful for children. In this re-telling of the birth of Christ, a mother cat searches frantically for her little lost kitten when two strangers enter the stable. The events of the Holy Night leave a lasting effect on all the animals, especially the cats. Colorful, bold wood cut illustrations reflect the importance of the event. FIRST PLACE AWARD winner from Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA)  Children’s Picture Book category. Hardcover. $16.00.

Read more here: The Littlest Christmas Kitten

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Our Apple Tree

by Gorel Kristina Naslund

ISBN: 1-59643-191-1

Follow the changes each season brings to an apple tree. Children will enjoy learning about the life of the tree and see the animals that visit – from the bugs and bees to deer and other animals that eat the fallen fruit. Illustrations are lovely and delicate. Even includes an apple crisp recipe. Schools and orchards love this little book as it tells the apple story and adds helpful material for field trips. $7.99, softcover.

Read more here: Our Apple Tree

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From the Apple Orchard – Recipes for Apple Lovers

by Leona (Lee) Novy Jackson

ISBN  0-930643-22-4

This is the answer to the question “What will I do with all these apples“? You will find an abundance of recipes for autumn apple cakes, chunky apple bars, and 17 different apple pies. There are mouth watering salads, appetizers, and treats—even jams and jellies. Includes guide for knowing how many and what kind of apples to buy.

Cookbook collectors and gift buyers include this cookbook on their buying list for birthdays, showers, and other special events. It makes a wonderful addition to a fruit basket for the holidays. You can even add an apple design towel or potholder and voila! the perfect gift for any apple lover! First Place Winner in MIPA Cookbook awards. Has been heralded as “good to the core“. $14.95, softcover.

Read more here:  From the Apple Orchard – Recipes for Apple Lovers

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ApplesApplesEvery <font color=#333399>                Images Unlimited Publishing

Apples, Apples Everywhere – Favorite Recipes From America’s Orchards

by Leona (Lee) Novy Jackson

ISBN: 0930643-11-9

Take a tour through beautiful apple country and “taste” their delectable apple dishes. Go on location to some of America’s finest regional orchards, cider mills, and apple houses.

Here is everything you would expect of a regional apple cookbook. It highlights the lives and work of hundreds of the country’s largest apple orchards, as well as small family entrepreneurs —many of the orchard traditions go back 4 and 5 generations. You will read about the struggles and triumphs of some of the great pioneers in the apple industry and the apple varieties that made them great. You can sample their choice recipes, some being written down here for the first time. $14.95, softcover with lay-flat binding feature. Mid America Publishers Association Award Winner.

Read more here: Apples, Apples Everywhere – Favorite Recipes From America’s Orchards

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Listening to Rural Midwestern Idioms/Folk Sayings

by Robert Bohlken, Ph.D.

ISBN: 9780930643256

Entertaining guide to sayings and expressions from an almost lost early rural culture. You will laugh and have fun learning about the meaning and uses of more than 600 different popular Midwestern phrases, sayings, and expressions that bring color to our way of speaking.  It helps explain some strange phraseology found in this part of the country. $9.95 softcover.

Read more here: Listening to Rural Midwestern Idioms, Folk Sayings

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